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We carry out advanced projects

so that they meet expectations and are effective.

As an agency we have many advantages, we operate according to the schedule and focus on long-term cooperation.

  • Web sites
    Web sites
    We take care of the responsiveness of the websites we design, so they are available on all devices.
  • Online shops
    Online shops
    To sell effectively online, you need an online store. Come to us, with us you will increase the turnover in your company.
  • Positioning
    The amount of sales depends on the number of impressions, but also reaching the right people, and this can provide your company with the positioning we do. Start today.
  • Social Media
    Social Media
    Social media is an extremely important factor, aimed at building a brand on the web, but also the ability to communicate with recipients. Effective communication is the key, leave it to us and you will get measurable results.
  • Web marketing
    Web marketing
    This is the key thing in the sales process, and the existence of the company depends on it. We'll create customized campaigns, run a fanpage, and that's how sales grew.
  • Visual identification
    Visual identification
    Building a strong and recognizable brand is an important idea that also aims to sell and improve the company's communication with customers.
  • Writing articles
    Writing articles
    Do you need texts for the website? We offer assistance in creating content for websites, but also for advertising materials.
  • Dropshipping
    You can start selling even without your own goods and earn commission on sales. It is not even necessary to have a warehouse, as orders are processed directly by previously selected wholesalers.

PROJECT-YA is created by professionals

We are a group of specialists in many fields related to marketing and advertising. But also focused on generating results. This work is our passion.

Who are we?

A group of enthusiastic lovers of marketing activities, which helps brands to build their image, but also to reach a large audience in order to increase sales.

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