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What's dropshipping?

It is a possibility to sell goods without having them physically at home, or in a warehouse or in a hired shop. This type of sale consists in selling goods that are in the warehouse and are then sent directly from there to the recipient. The seller, on the other hand, earns only part of the amount from the sale, i.e. his commission - a margin.

Who's dropshipping for?

In fact, for anyone who wants to earn money on sales and has the possibility to issue VAT invoices, Interestingly, this form of earning can be used as an additional source of income, but also make it the main business profile.

Interestingly, the goods ordered in the shop are paid for only after the customer pays for them. Profits are achieved from the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price.

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Dropshipping's advantages:

  • no warehouse maintenance costs.
  • Possibility to resell the goods and buy them only after gaining a customer.
  • No need to send the sold items (someone else does).
    shortening the time of shipment (no intermediaries)
    lower sales costs (no need to lease space).
  • possibility of online sales.
  • Ready-made pictures and descriptions of products that are sold.
  • Greater freedom of time and mobility for the seller, who does not have to be permanently in one place.

No high investment costs at the beginning of operations

All you need is a functional and customized online store, and the possibilities of earning money are enormous. So is having a large assortment.

Main benefits in Dropshipping

A small amount is enough to start, and the shop itself returns within the first months, with the appropriate promotion.

  • Good investment

    Good investment

    A small amount is enough to start, and the shop itself will be reimbursed within the first months with a suitable promotion.
  • Regular income

    Regular income

    By choosing products that are either popular or wearable and require regular orders, you can achieve a steady income from sales in dropshipping models.
  • You are the owner

    You are the owner

    Each shop created by us, on your order, you have the opportunity to resell, with profit, as well as its entire functionality. In a word, if you get bored, you can resell your business, and not just the store's website.
No additional fees, subscriptions, etc.
Additionally 2 years warranty and technical support 24/h

Why should you work with us?

Selling via the Internet requires paying attention to the customers, their needs, but also reaching them properly. And marketing activities are sometimes time-consuming, thanks to our system, you have the opportunity to keep your work time to a minimum, but also to have a large assortment to sell.

It’s a great offer for people who like to sell but don’t want to pack large amounts of money into goods that you don’t know if you will sell on time. Low initial cost, because you can start this kind of business with only a few hundred dollars.

If you are interested in cooperation please contact us by e-mail or phone.

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