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Email has so far been an effective tool for promotion,
information, but also for sales on the Internet.

It has become, it has become one of the forms of online marketing activities.
However, since the TCO regulations came into force and marketing permissions are required.
It is no longer possible to send emails to whomever you want to, or to addresses obtained in the network,
e.g. from contact pages. And only to persons and companies that have given their consent.

E-mail marketing

is one of the most effective sales tools, as it is not a pushy,
ubiquitous advertisement, but its content is more passive.

With its help, we are able to effectively sell, activate customers and acquire new groups of potential buyers, and effectively extend the scope of our communication.

  • E-mail marketing strategy
    E-mail marketing strategy
    At the very beginning of advertising campaigns, a good action plan is important. It is important to start with a strategy that makes sure that the messages reach the right people. And our company, willing to prepare them.
  • E-mail marketing campaigns
    E-mail marketing campaigns
    We create content that will be sent in emailing, but we also engage in market research to improve communication between the recipients and the company that sends such campaigns. Moreover, we also create our own message templates to effectively facilitate the work of our clients.
  • E-mail marketing tools
    E-mail marketing tools
    We use many tools that are used to conduct mailing campaigns. These include autoresponders, thanks to which it is possible to send messages to many recipients simultaneously. Additionally, these systems provide the possibility of market segmentation, i.e. reaching only those people who the advertiser cares about.
  • Optimisation and reporting
    Optimisation and reporting
    Thanks to advanced systems, we are also able to make analyses and reports on the effectiveness of our messages. For example, the number of openings, the number of clicks on the target link, or which title has proved to be more relevant and eye-catching.
  • 01
    We use contests
    Thanks to the competitions, we have the opportunity to collect more email addresses, we try to make the competitions interesting, but also from time to time we repeat this kind of activities to attract new people and reward also those already saved for newsletters.
  • 02
    We create and send newsletters
    Thanks to the mailing, we are able to generate large sales volumes. However, for such messages to sell, they must be well prepared. That is why we create appropriate schemes of messages, which are then sent to recipients.
  • 03
    We use e-mail remarketing
    In order for the messages to be read and arouse the right interest, not only good content but also their form is important. We are passionate about preparing content that is highly engaging and makes our emails readable.
  • 04
    We create communication schemes
    Remarketing, i.e. redirecting an offer, is our way of working thanks to emails. We know, thanks to the system of reports, who was interested in the offer, and thanks to that, we have the possibility to send to this group of people a remailing, which is to encourage them to be interested in the offer again.

Why choose us?

We want to help our customers to achieve the best possible results, i.e. to increase their sales. Our whole team makes sure that all our actions constantly improve our effectiveness results. We provide our clients with reports on our promotional activities and the effectiveness results.

  • passion for marketing activities
  • individual approach to each project
  • focus on campaign results
  • years of experience
  • a mentor for anyone who commissions us with marketing activities
  • a team of marketing and technical specialists
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