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Designing and creating online shops

Our shop system is a fully scalable application which can be adapted to the needs
and requirements of even the most demanding customers.

Strategic planning of your online store

Creating an online store requires a lot of preparatory work. This includes checking the profile of the company’s activity, but also preparing the project’s graphics. Then the work is started in order to find the optimal technical solution.

Having your own shop allows for much better and faster sales, which can be made online, i.e. all day long and all week long. Because the network operates continuously without any downtime.

Customised online shops

In order for us to prepare the shop well for your business, we need to know the demand. So we make an initial verification, and together we think about which solutions will be most suitable for your business.

  • Design


    This is the part that ensures the optimal appearance of the site where the shop engine is running. It allows to express the brand graphically, but also to add new previously unsold products if, for example, new ones appear. Desing is the graphic design, i.e. all the elements that are responsible for the external appearance of the store's website.
  • Automation


    It's an internal part, like a shop engine, that improves many repetitive activities. This makes it easy to issue similar offers with slightly modified parameters. Or you can add a logo to all product photos, once set.
  • Responses


    It is a matter of adapting the website to devices that are not computers and have much lower resolution. Thanks to the new technology, you can make the page display correctly on your smartphone as well as on your tablet and laptop.
  • Advertising


    Advertising can have more than one dimension, it is possible to advertise the site through appropriate tools paid for example by clicking on a link. Or with the help of social networking sites that offer paid versions of ads.
  • Security


    The store's website, like others, must be properly secured so that unauthorised access to data cannot be obtained. In the case of shops, it also contains buyer data, and this already requires encryption as well as appropriate technical knowledge.
  • Care


    Shopping on the web, can have different dimensions. Among others, making regular backups or introducing new products. In the case of dropshipping, these can be large product databases, and you need to know about this kind of activities in order not to damage the site code. It is good to entrust some things to the specialists we have.

Why should we design your online store?

  • 01
    We're talking to the client
    Before starting work on the creation of the shop, we conduct an in-depth discussion on the customer's needs.
  • 02
    This stage is the preparation of the concept of the store, as well as its visualisation. And also establishing a schedule of tasks to be performed.
  • 03
    We optimize
    With the right knowledge, we are able to make shop coding more beneficial to search engines.
  • 04
    We will forward to
    After the implementation of individual implementation works, we provide the ready-made solution to the ordering party.
  • 05
    We help
    When you decide to order your shop from us, you also receive additional support, related to its service, as well as advice on possible problems.
  • 06
    We update
    We help to implement changes on the shop's website, if necessary.

Once we have designed a shop for your company, you will receive a ready-made and well-suited solution. This is designed to facilitate and increase sales for your business.

Adding products to an online store

Adding products to an online store is a task that must be entrusted to professionals. Why? Because you can make your online store’s assortment more visible on the web when you build it. This will provide the customer with the necessary information.

We accept orders from companies to add products to the online store by hand. We enter the assortment to the online store manually, i.e. when adding descriptions, photos and videos we do not use programs that allow us to copy descriptions and photos from one store to another (or from online auctions).

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